Follow Your Voice


Inspired by the award-winning short film, Snowflake, Follow Your Voice is written through the eyes of a young, introvert girl who feels like she doesn’t fit the standards for acceptability set by society — but she’s okay.


School bullies try to silence her inner sound by mocking what she wears and calling her name. Even the adults around her who don’t understand the beat that moves her — but she’s okay. 


And why is she okay? Because she found her inner strength to be true to herself — and to follow her voice. There is no stopping her destiny to make music.


While there are forces that try and oppress the creative art of music, this book provides the youth with an anthem to help build them up, and let them follow the beat of their own heart..

Snowflake Book.jpg

Written by Tara-Lee Lecours

Illustrated by D.A. Terriah


Created by Kristen Lucas

Inspired by the short film, Snowflake written by

Angelle Haney Gullett and Rufus Chaffee

Copyediting and Design by Sherri Lavigne

Team Support by Kristofer Cacciotti, Tara Gore and Edward Gehlert