The primary mission of the “Follow Your Voice Education Project” is to provide educational programs outside of the regular school curriculum to students who are at-risk of not succeeding academically. 


Our programs will focus on specialized media education and mentorship including creative expression through film/video, music, photography, writing and more.


Under the guidance of the leaders of Goldilocks Productions, the mentors will support, guide and empower the young men and women who participate to follow their own voices. 

The project will be launching with the first students in Summer 2021.

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Snowflake Book.jpg

"No two Snowflakes are ever alike"

The team at Goldilocks Productions and the Follow Your Voice Education Project is excited to announce the future release of their NEW children's book, inspired by the award-winning short film SNOWFLAKE.

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Written by Tara-Lee Lecours

Illustrated by D.A. Terriah


Created by Kristen Lucas

Inspired by the short film, Snowflake written by

Angelle Haney Gullett and Rufus Chaffee

Copyediting and Design by Sherri Lavigne

Team Support by Kristofer Cacciotti, Tara Gore and Edward Gehlert